La Cité

castle2I could ramble forever about our experience at the castle. Basically, all you need to know is that it was freaking amazing. Perhaps to the seasoned traveler, or to one who doesn’t care about castles and medieval history as much as Jesse does, it wouldn’t be very impressive. But to someone who grew up pouring over castle books, memorizing all the architectural terms, and designing their own castles, this was a a dream wallsbetweencome true. Even to me, who grew up with Robin Hood, Catherine Called Birdy and Wishbone, this was a thrilling experience.

It was castleincredible to be able to walk through the gates and explore the fortress while trying to imagine a once bustling town and merchants lining the streets. I would love to take a look back in time and see what the city looked like with life inside of it, being used as it was intended to be. The castle was very strategically placed on top of the relatively steep hill. The view from the top of the walls was amazing. On a perfectly clear day, I imagine one would be able to see miles and miles out. The view on that cityviewday was still beautiful; the hills, valleys, fields, and vineyards looked so peaceful.  We spent about 4 hours wandering through the castle and still felt like we hadn’t seen everything. I don’t feel like words would do the castle justice, so I leave you with photos instead. In case you couldn’t tell, I had a very difficult time limiting my photo count. so many cool things!







jessedoor jessehallselfiies
jesseexplorejesse janna


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