Cacaolat and Xurros

We slept for a solid 11 hours and were still tired when we woke. My brain was still overwhelmed and busy processing the previous day’s experiences; sadly, I was already beginning to forget bits and pieces of our experience. Scrolling through the camera helped bring back some memories of the things we did, but the experiences and impressions were hazy.

Our little apartment had no air conditioning (like much of Europe) and only one tiny window so the air was very still; we were grateful that it was not too hot that night. We fell asleep to the sounds of neighbors eating their very late dinner (around 11pm). It was rather a pleasant soundtrack of dishes clattering, animated dialogue, joyous laughter, and chairs scraping against the concrete. It sounded like a fun family evening and I couldn’t help but think of how nice it would be to join them or to have my family here with me.

After a quick shower to refresh ourselves, we headed out for breakfast at Café Granja Viader, just off Las Ramblas. It was a sweet little restaurant that has been family run since 1870, and I was eager to put some of their perfect churros in my rumbling belly. I felt a lot more confident today and neither of us felt nervous, probably because our internal GPS had finally kicked in. We didn’t need to pull out our maps, which turned me into a prideful, competitive person; I started internally scoffing at all the bumbling tourists fixated upon their maps… despite the fact that I had been that person only yesterday.

We awkwardly walked into the café, a little uncertain on what to do. Restaurants in the states are often confusing on the whole “please wait to be seated” thing, but after seeing us standing uncomfortably in the doorway, a man came over and motioned us towards a small table in the center of the room. There were several other tourists present as well as some locals, which made the atmosphere both fun and relaxing. I couldn’t help but stare at the locals and study their features; they were quite beautiful and their faces had so much character, detail, and expression. I really enjoyed listening to them talk amongst each other in their beautiful Catalan language.

Our waiter was a kind, poised, older looking man (think Spanish butler) and it was fun trying to communicate with him. After glancing over the menu, we opted for churros and lady fingers. Jesse got a small coffee (size selected thanks to universal hand motions) and I got a glass of cacaolat (Spanish chocolate milk) topped with whipped cream. Yum yum yum. We meant to order our xurros amb xocolata, but there was a misunderstanding on our part. Instead, we improvised and dipped them into my whipped cream. Ugh, so tasty and divine. Everything melted in my mouth and quickly (tragically) disappeared from the plate. We settled up on our bill (I am also so thankful that digits are the same in Western languages!) and headed off to explore inside of La Seu. Sadly, I neglected to get photos of breakfast.


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