Whole 30 – day 26

Breakfast: Eggs for Jesse, nothing for me.

Lunch: Leftover salad from yesterday, but with balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil dressing this time.

Snacks: A few nuts, and a banana, hardboiled egg, and nuts for Jesse.

Dinner: We cheated. YES. I confess, but without much shame. We had a friend visiting from Dallas, so we drove to the city he was staying at and ate out. I didn’t take pictures, but we definitely cheated. Mostly just with the wheat though. One of our dishes may have had a little bit of dairy, but it was marginal. Another had quinoa, but the biggest thing was the wheat we had… so this is more like a “Whole 25,” but we are still finishing up the rest of it. 🙂 I did wake up with brain fog the next day.


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