Whole 30 – day 17

Breakfast: Creamy Leek and Salmon Soup

Lunch: Leftover chicken fajitas wrapped in cabbage.

Snacks: Nuts and an apple. Nuts, banana, hardboiled eggs, and an apple for Jesse.

Dinner: Salad with chicken for Jesse. I got called into work and didn’t get back until almost midnight, so I didn’t eat dinner.

How we felt: I was feeling pretty good again! I got called into work around 3pm, and got there around 4, so I didn’t have time to eat/pack dinner before leaving. Still, my energy levels didn’t plummet and I felt pretty great. Not sure how Jesse felt. I talked to my nutritionist neighbor that afternoon, and he was saying that when you eat nutritionally dense foods, your body can fast easily because it is running at maximum capacity, and it doesn’t have a bunch of toxins to fight. He also said once you’ve been eating nutritionally dense foods for awhile, you don’t need to eat as much because your body is becoming more efficient and is healing and it doesn’t have to waste energy/calories on healing/flushing out toxins/just getting by. It was very interesting!


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