Whole 30 – day 16

I had a complete day off today! I feel great. Got a some papers filed away, did some laundry, tidy up the bedroom… today was just the kind of day I needed.

Breakfast: I had a few nuts. Jesse had a bowl of Creamy Leek and Salmon Soup that he had made for breakfasts this week. I had a few bites of it too, and thought it was pretty good! A mild, soothing flavor, and wasn’t fishy.


Lunch: Leftover meatballs with potatoes (I am out of brussels sprouts and cauliflower).

Snacks: Dates and nuts for me. Jesse had a banana, hard boiled eggs, dates, and a few nuts.

Dinner: Chicken Fajitas [chicken, onions, bell peppers, garlic, cumin, coriander powder, chipotle pepper, oregano, salt, lemon juice, and ghee] with spinach and pico de gallo [tomatoes, onions, cilantro, serrano peppers, lime juice, salt] wrapped in cabbage “tortillas.”


How we felt: I felt AWESOME today. Not sure if it was the perfect weather/room temperature or because of Whole 30, but I slept solidly throughout the night and didn’t wake up once. And then, again, not sure if it was due to Whole 30 or the good night’s sleep, but I woke up feeling awesome, happy, and energetic. I got up and started the day right away rather than moping around like I sometimes do. I wish every day was like today! Jesse said he feels good too! He said he was feeling energetic, hungry, and not tired.


2 thoughts on “Whole 30 – day 16

  1. Deanna Michaels (@DeannaMichaels) September 24, 2014 / 10:20 am

    Did you like using the cabbage as a wrap? Might have to try that next time. We didn’t get to the meat market on Saturday and seeing that burger picture is really making me want beef! And lamb. Ha ha. We’ve been having a lot of chicken. Next week I’ll have to add in beef.

    • Janna D September 28, 2014 / 12:46 pm

      Yes! I worked really well. I had a nice crunch to it. Even Jesse liked it! He doesn’t like cabbage plain either; he thinks it tastes gross.

      I want another burger too. We’ve been eating chicken this week, and I think I am craving the iron or something in the beef! Beef is tasty. 🙂

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