Whole 30 – day 12

I had a nice slow morning and afternoon. We got to sleep in a little bit, and I cleaned the house and read a little from my library book. I had to go to work around 6:20pm though to work an overnight shift again, as our Friday/Saturday overnight employee is no longer employed anymore, so we’re having to cover shifts until the director finds a replacement.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with ghee, hatch chile peppers, and prosciutto. I had a few bites of it and a few nuts. This was also Jesse’s first time to have coffee since starting. It was just a small cup, and I added a little bit of the homemade coconut milk to it.


Lunch: Romaine lettuce, arugula, and baby kale with ground beef, the last of the hatch chile peppers, avocado, tomato, baby bell peppers, onion, real salt, pepper, and lime juice.


Snacks: A few nuts and we shared an apple. More nuts and hardboiled eggs for Jesse.

Dinner: Leftover chicken salad lettuce wraps.

How we felt: Ehh, tired as usual. I think I was tired from just thinking about going to work. 🙂 I still have less brain fog. I think Jesse is feeling hungry frequently, which is a new thing for him. He’s usually not aware of his appetite.


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