Whole 30 – day 10

Wednesday was a day off for me. I got to sleep in and try to catch up on sleep after being at work for so late. 🙂

Breakfast: I had a few nuts and a clementine, Jesse ate 3 frittatas.

Lunch: I lost track of time and didn’t cook anything, so we threw together a green smoothie [homemade coconut milk, arugula, baby kale, celery, broccoli, carrots, avocado, two clementines, one apple, lime juice, fresh mint, coconut oil, almonds, macadamia nuts, ice cubes, and chia seeds]


Snacks: The usual – nuts, hardboiled eggs, banana, clementines.

Dinner: I was full at dinner again, so I just made some avocado/guacamole stuff that we ate with baby carrots. Jesse at it also and then snacked some more when he got back from his high school small group.


How we felt: Less brain fog again! I also slept really well on Tuesday/Wednesday night – I only woke up a couple of times when I was rolling over, but fell right back asleep. Not sure again how Jesse felt. 🙂


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