Whole 30 – day 8

I woke up exhausted on Monday morning, but went with Jesse to Siloam Springs to go grocery shopping while he taught his animation class. Whole 30 is definitely expensive, but it’s been a good experience so far. I haven’t felt gross, or had any regrets (you know, the “why did I eat that?! Ughh,” type of regret). It’s only 30 days and it’s certainly not going to do any damage. I’ve noticed that my brain feels less foggy. It still feels tired from the exhausting work week, but it doesn’t have the usual fog that it does. My brain often just feels confused and cloudy, but not at the moment.

Breakfast: Botched prosciutto-omelet turned scrambled eggs with prosciutto and chives. 🙂 A little dry and not pretty, but tasty.


Lunch: Meatballs [ground beef, shredded zucchini, hatch chile peppers, egg, salt, pepper, cajun seasoning] with roasted veggies [potatoes, cauliflower, brussels sprouts in coconut oil and cajun seasoning] and homemade mayo (Jesse’s been itching to make this and he never cooks, so I was a very proud and happy wife!).


Snacks: the last of the grapes, roasted nuts I’d made for a change in taste (this recipe), mandarin oranges, and Jesse had hard-boiled eggs.

Dinner: I wasn’t very hungry, so I ate a few more nuts. Jesse had a meeting he had to go to, so he ate veggies and a piece of grilled chicken there, despite prompts to “cheat” in confidentiality. 🙂 He also had one of the mini frittatas I was making for breakfast tomorrow and some more nuts/seeds when he got home.

How we felt: I felt more full than usual. Not sure if it’s because of eating more starchy vegetables for lunch or what, but lunch kept me satisfied pretty much until dinner time. I was still exhausted, but like I said before, my brain was a lot more clear/less foggy than it has felt in awhile. Life has been so exhausting, I’m not really sure how I would usually feel right now. Jesse has also been tired and hungry all the time. That’s a good thing, as usually he snacks on junk and then feels gross and “full,” so he can’t eat much good food.


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