Whole 30 – day 7

Got back from work at 8am Sunday and crashed. Jesse headed to the office to prepare for the animation class he’s teaching this semester.

Breakfast: Jesse had eggs, I didn’t eat anything.

Lunch: I had a few nuts for lunch, but was too exhausted to be hungry. Jesse had the last of the leftover soup.

Snacks: I ate a piece of chicken that was on some grilled chicken sandwiches that were donated to work. Not sure if it was entirely whole30, but it gave me energy the rest of the night and it didn’t taste sweet or like it had soy sauce.

Dinner: The rest of the chicken curry and spaghetti squash. Jesse was still hungry after one serving, so he finished the leftovers and stuffed himself. We “cheated” over the weekend and weighed ourselves, and he wasn’t too excited about his 5 pound weight loss, so he was trying to compensate. 🙂

How we felt: Again, I was just tired. Exhausted. That’s pretty much my summary of this week. Jesse was also tired. I hope that changes next week. 🙂


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