Whole 30 – day 4

Another hectic day. Both of us were up early for work and we had small group in the evening. We still got to bed at a decent hour.

Breakfast: Guess what we ate? 🙂 Jesse had eggs, I had a few nuts/seeds.

Lunch: Leftover salad from yesterday.

Snacks: nuts, Jesse had a banana, I had some almond butter.

Dinner: Small group was having Italian night, so we we ate before we left. Spaghetti squash with the leftover ground turkey/tomatoes I used for the bell peppers [plus more tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, basil].


How we felt: Work was especially long and stressful. Most everything that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong. When I got home, I was surprised; I wasn’t nearly as tired as I normally would’ve been. My mood was better than it normally is after I get off work too. Jesse was starving when he got home. He said this whole week has been crazy, so he’s not sure how to gauge his energy levels or how he feels overall. Going to small group wasn’t bad for me, I just didn’t go next to the food or sit down with the people who were eating. Jesse found it torturous though, as he eyeballed all of the food he couldn’t eat (delicious homemade rolls and homemade samoas, specifically).


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