Whole 30 – day 3

I am behind on writing, oops! Wednesday was a slow day for me. I got to mostly vegetate and run a few errands. Jesse was busy again with work and after-work activities. It was a nice, slow day for me though. I’m trying to enjoy the slow days when I can, as my work schedule is ever changing.

Breakfast: Jesse had eggs again. I had nuts/seeds again. Heh. I’m going to find something else for breakfast soon….

Lunch: Salad with chicken, olive oil, and red wine vinegar. We also had a few grapes.

saladSnacks: Nuts/seeds, Jesse had a banana and hard boiled eggs.

Dinner: Vegetable beef soup [onion, garlic, beef, ghee, celery, carrots, yellow squash, green squash, canned diced tomatoes, real salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, fresh rosemary, sage, and basil]

soupHow we felt: I think we both felt the same. Jesse had a more difficult day as he’d been around off-limit food (enchiladas and desserts) and had a hard time saying no. 🙂 I was feeling a little tired and sluggish.


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