Whole 30 – day 1

Almost exactly a year ago, I read the first few chapters of It Starts with Food. I didn’t get to finish it before leaving town for a month, but I loved how simply it broke down the science of nutrition, digestion, and food. The Hartwigs explained it in such basic terms, and I finally understood why certain foods were bad for our bodies and/or difficult to digest. I’d been slowly transitioning into eating into eating less grains and dairy the two years prior to starting the book, but it just confirmed even more that this was a nutritional lifestyle I wanted to pursue. Alas, like all good things, it required sacrifice, so I kept putting off doing the Whole 30, mainly because I am a sugar addict.

Jesse and had already drastically reduced our consumption of wheat/dairy to see if it would reduce all the headaches Jesse used to get, and it did make a huge difference! He gets headaches only about twice a month now. So, I rarely buy bread and we don’t consume much dairy except for butter, milk with coffee, and the occasional cheese and ice cream, so those weren’t much of a sacrifice; it was the sugar (and the flour that is usually with sweets) that was keeping my from wanting to do the Whole 30, and I kept make excuses and putting it off until eventually I just “forgot” about it.

And then… my younger sisters started it while we were in Barcelona and Provence last month. I have to admit, their discipline humbled (truth: embarrassed) me a little bit, as they hadn’t even read the book and were committing to the Whole 30! Maybe it prompted some healthy sibling rivalry too, as I decided I was going to start some after we got back from vacation. When my oldest sister told me that she, her husband, and kiddos were going to start this Monday, I asked Jesse if he wanted to take the plunge with them (truth: I also wanted to start a.s.a.p. so we’d be finished by another sister’s wedding in October), and he said sure. That’s the story of how we now find ourselves in the middle of day 2 of our Whole 30.

I have the book on reserve at the library, so hopefully I’ll be able to review the details (as the online resources are limited) soon. I don’t have any medical problems, but often find myself struggling with a lack of energy, inability to sleep through the night (I usually wake up 5+ times per night), frequent lows in my mood, as well as some skin issues that I am hoping to see changes in. These are the areas I’m hoping to see improvement in, so I will try to write briefly about how I feel each day.

Yesterday was also a little hard for us and I wasn’t fully prepared, but we made it through. I worked an over night shift, so I started off these 30 days exhausted.

Breakfast: Jesse ate some hardboiled eggs for breakfast. I didn’t eat breakfast, as I got home at about 8am and went straight to bed).

Lunch/Snack: I’d sent Jesse to work with a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, ground beef/turkey, cilantro, and grilled hatch peppers. He was still hungry, so he came home around 3pm for a “snack,” during which time I ate my “lunch.” We ate a variety of nuts/seeds (sunflowers seeds, walnuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, all raw), baby carrots, and I mixed two mostly ripe avocados with fresh lime juice, tomatoes, and onion. We ate it by the spoonful. Jesse also ate his last two hardboiled eggs.

Dinner: sauteed veggies [baby portobellos, yellow squash, green squash (it looks like zucchini, but it’s not and I can’t remember the name right now), onions, and garlic with coconut oil, fresh basil, fresh sage, real salt, and pepper], and salmon [coconut oil, lemon juice, real salt, and pepper].

Phone pic – sorry for the blurriness!

I ate without Jesse, as I had to leave for work at 5:30, and he didn’t get home until 8:00-8:30 yesterday.

How we felt: Tired. But that’s a given, considering my overnight work shift, followed by my 6pm-10pm shift last night. But I don’t feel anymore tired than I usually would’ve on a day like yesterday. My mood was at my normal too, about a 4. I couldn’t stop thinking about sugar either, even though I didn’t crave anything in particular. There was a bag of junk candy (smarties, lemonheads, warheads, etc.) at the office that I kept wanting to eat, which is ridiculous because I don’t even like that candy and it always makes me feel gross. I just wanted sugar for the sake of sugar. I’m definitely addicted.

Jesse said he also felt tired, sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and emotional, but he had an especially long work day yesterday and is feeling stressed over the rest of the week. He wanted me to mention how his evil, evil boss tormented him yesterday by eating Skittles in front of him, and he almost caved when his boss’s wife brought in the most delicious looking brownies in the universe. He thought he was going to have to tell me we’d have to re-do day one.


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