I don’t expect many of you to understand or relate to this, but those of you who do, I shudder with you. Hold on tight.


this monster beckons me closer.

its whispers thoughts into my head

and seduces me with pain.

surrender and i will find comfort.

my burden is too great to carry alone.

i’ve done wrong, but nobody knows.

nobody can know. but he knows.

this monster knows. he knows me.

it’s safe in his lair. i embrace his darkness.

the shadows cover me.

i stumble along, following his voice.

i’m getting closer now.

the air in here is cold, stale.

i can’t hear anything but his voice.

even my own thoughts are lost; they become his.

further and further i walk, seeking comfort in his arms.

–j.e.b.d. 6/12/12


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