For the past (almost) 4 months, I’ve felt a bit like a tumble weed. We’ve been rushing around, flying by the seat of our pants, and letting the wind blow us along. Then that tumble weed decided to become a skydiving tumble weed, because I feel like we took a big jump, closed our eyes, and prayed to God that we would land safely. We’ve taken risks and hoped for the best. We’ve followed through on opportunities, knocked on doors, and pursued dreams.

People have suggested that it’s been a difficult last 4 months. I generally assume they’re referring to our finances. Sure, we’ve watched the numbers in our bank accounts get smaller and smaller. People say it must be tough to live in this extended stay hotel. Sure, it’s not been the most comfortable place to live (mainly the bed though). People say we can’t live like this forever. People ask when we’re going to get jobs, where we’re going to live, and how long we’re going to try to make this work. Sometimes people’s comments and questions have been aggravating and have come across as disapproving.

In reality, the past 4 months have been no more or less wonderful than the last 21-23 years of our lives. Honestly, it’s exhilarating to just let life take its course. It can be really fun to budget and save; it becomes a challenge and competition. Living in a small space has been eye opening. I’ve been reminded how unimportant “things” are, and it’s helped me to simplify and minimize. It’s challenged me to think outside of the box and do things differently. I’ve gotten to cook differently; who would’ve thought that the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever made would come from a crock pot?

Jobs are about more than just money. You get paid when you prove you’re qualified. Jesse’s been working his butt off by doing unpaid internships and film related stuff. The past 2 months he’s been with Mutiny FX, learning visual effects, editing, 3-D modeling, and the film business. I’ve taken a summer class. Neither of have been total bums. Jesse has loved his work, he’s loved what he’s learning, and he loves the people he works with. It has been so rewarding to see his passion being released. It is much better to “sacrifice” now by not getting a pay check so that Jesse can get experience doing what he loves AND get paid later. I’d much rather live with a satisfied husband than in a big house. Taking risks is a part of life.

Really, the biggest headaches and worries have been the “legal” ones – residency, driver’s license, mail boxes, car insurance, etc.

Last week Jesse and I talked about where we were going in life, what our plan B was, and if we were going to try to make this work. Jesse and I decided we were going to go for it and give it everything. Monday afternoon we looked at an apartment. Tuesday morning we signed an 18 month lease.

Within three hours of signing our lease, we found out Jesse had a full-time job with Mutiny FX.

I don’t think I could’ve planned it any better myself.

We landed!

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