life update

Summer school’s over and I’ve got a few weeks of summer before starting up again on the 29th. This might possibly be my last “real summer” ever. I’m excited. I’m ready to be out of school and begin a total adult life. I love learning, but sometimes it feels like a waste of time, like I’m putting my life on hold. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful I’ve gotten to go and learn what I have, but I’m getting anxious to get out there and dosomething, to apply what I’ve learned. So close to being done though!

I watched the news today for the first time in forever. I remember why I don’t like watching it.

I also watched the 2012 Olympics live for the first time! I enjoyed the rowing and the synchronized swimming. So beautiful. Track/steeple chase was also impressive; I can’t imagine running that fast. Ever. And jumping in the midst of it. I would fall flat on my face. I admire the dedication and passion of these athletes. I found myself wanting all of them to win, though I know that’s not possible…


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