the Second Amendment

I’m writing in response to the political discussions that have risen as a result of James Holmes’ taking 12 lives, wounding 58, and inflicting emotional trauma on countless others. I wanted to start a discussion about the second amendment, and I hope to get your feedback.

1. I’m a firm believer in the 2nd amendment. It would be a huge mistake for the government to take away our right to own firearms (or weapons).

2. Guns aren’t the problem. People are the problem. People will always kill. I mean, the first record of a homicide was, according to the Bible, when Adam and Eve’s son killed his own brother. Humans do bad things. Humans hurt each other.

3. Why are conservatives so anti-any-sort-of-gun-regulation? While people will always kill, should we establish laws in attempt of preventing this from happening again? Should we make laws that make it easier to punish mass killers?

4. It’s our right to own a firearm/weapon. It’s also our right to drive a car, but there’s a legal way of doing it. First we must have driver’s license. Then we must have driver’s insurance, and we must have good vision. Is it our right to drink alcohol? You betcha (when we turn 21)! However, we cannot legally drink and drive. This is because many people have been injured and killed by drunk drivers. When drunk driving accidents happen, nobody blames the car. It’s the driver’s fault. He needs to pay for the wrong he’s done. I’m saying the same thing about guns. Guns have been used recklessly. While people who want to kill are going to find a way to kill (or a gun to kill with), is it possible that more regulation is needed? It’s ridiculous to take away drunk driving statutes just because people will always get drunk and make poor decisions.

Many things today are regulated; we have to have social security cards and birth certificates to get jobs, harmful narcotics are illegal, certain narcotics are controlled by doctors and pharmacists, explosives are inaccessible to the general public, and we can’t buy arsenic in grocery stores anymore – I’m sure people 100 years ago would be appalled by this, as arsenic was a well known beauty treatment. However, too many people misused arsenic and/or were reckless with it. It’s our “right” to do a lot of things, but those things are controlled for our protection and society’s protection. Why does the logic seem to stop when it comes to guns? We’re so afraid of losing our rights.

A lot of laws have been passed in attempt to prevent horrible things from happening again – a lot of them pushed forward by the families of the victims. Not all have worked, and there will always be bad people, but should we at least try?

Jessica’s Law and Megan’s Law were established to prevent sexual offenders from re-offending and alerting the community to their presence. How many of you want to do away with sex offender registering and databases? What if I told you that Megan’s Law has actually been proven to increase recidivism and fear in communities? Would you want it taken away then? Or do you want the safety and security of knowledge?

What about the Hate Crime Prevention Act/Matthew Shepard Act?

Speaking of guns, what about the Brady Bill? Do you want violent criminals to be able to legally purchase guns?

It was MADD that really pushed laws preventing drunk driving, and reduced the legal BAC.

And there’s AMBER alerts. Not laws, but something to help deter criminals and locate missing children.

My point it is that better regulation (I’m not sure what that is yet) does not mean we’ve lost our right to bear arms.

What are your thoughts on the topic? I’d love to hear your take on the situation, especially if it’s different than mine since that’s how I learn.


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