the great unknown

These last 5 weeks have been strange. So much has happened, and we’ve entered a new chapter of life.

I quit my job, Jesse flew off to California, Jesse graduated, I finished my school semester, took a road trip to Louisiana and Texas, came back to Arkansas, spent time with wonderful friends, picked Jesse up from the airport (3 weeks apart!), rested, packed, went to Grand Lake for 4 days, came home for 1 hour, repacked, went to Little Rock for 4 days, came home and started packing up the house, and we’re leaving for New Mexico in 5 days. In 22 days, we will be homeless and probably still jobless.

This is a strange place to be. So much uncertainty, so much anticipation, and so much to follow through on. It’s been fun though. It is so nice not to know what we’re doing. It’s refreshing, a breath of fresh air. I have to sit quietly and wait. There’s not many occasions in life where we have to just be still. This is one of them. It’s actually relieving to not know what’s next. Endless possibilities lie ahead. The future isn’t the big, black hole I once thought it was. It’s like more like an ocean – so big, that it can be terrifying. Sometimes there are storms and big waves, but it’s beautiful, filled with life, has so much to offer, there’s so much to discover about it, and there’s an infinite amount of routes to take. No one else can make the same journey as us, or experience the same things as us. People are incredible. Life is incredible.


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