days 12 and 13

12.  I’m thankful for cleaning supplies. Dirty, gross, disorganized things drive me nuts. I like simple and clean. Today Jesse and I began a deep clean on our house. Clean spaces make me feel better and less stressed. Cleaning today was a pain though. We tried tackling the “living room.” We discovered mold all over the windows and walls, sprayed everything with bleach, dusted, vacuumed, then noticed we broke our washer when the house started smelling like burning rubber. Whoopsie. Hopefully we can get that fixed. But yes. I’m thankful for our vacuum and other cleaning supplies. It makes me a happy person. It feels good to get back into this. It seems like junk has been piling up on us the last 7 or so months, mainly in anticipation of Jesse’s senior project.

13.  I’m thankful for cozy, safe places. There are a few places I know I can go to and not feel threatened or like I have to fend myself. There are some places I always know I’m welcome, no matter what or when. I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for my cozy bed and soft fuzzy sheets. I’m thankful for a husband to cuddle up to at night. That is really what makes it cozy and safe. I’m thankful for a house (despite its mold problems) that is in a relatively quiet and safe place. I don’t have to worry about my stuff being stolen. In fact, I don’t even have to worry about locking my door at night or when I’m gone.


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