days 10 and 11

10.  I thankful for Jesse. I can’t say it enough and I don’t realize it enough. I’m thankful for him more and more each day. I love him more and more each day. Some days it’s tough, yes. It’s really hard work to have a good relationship. It’s always way too easy for things to go from great to mediocre. I have to be consistent. But Jesse is a beautiful person to be married to. He’s sensitive, vulnerable, loving, and nurturing. He’s passionate, he’s intelligent, he’s resourceful, he’s creative, he’s a free thinker (in the best way), he’s a pursuer, and he’s a wonderful best friend. His shoulder is a great pillow, too. 🙂 I know I’ve only been married 16 months, but the pre-marriage life feels so far away. I can barely remember not being married to Jesse. He’s goofy, playful, and adorable. He makes my life so much more sunny.

11. I’m thankful for books. I love that that can take me away to a new world and open my mind up to experience new things. I’m so logical and books allow me to escape that rigidity. They give me a chance to breathe some fresh air. They distract me from reality. It’s easier to go back to reality and face tough situations after I’ve read a good book. I feel revived and more hopeful. I’m more patient and more kind. I’m glad that some people have the gift of writing… and a creative mind. They do good things for the world.


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