days 4 and 5



I’m thankful for cars, especially the one somebody’s letting us use right now. I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to get places or buy groceries (especially when it’s cold or rainy outside!). I am able to hop in the comfortable car, blast the heater, and just go.

We’re also going to be able to make the long drive back to Houston with our car, since it’s not a clunker. It’s nice. Lots of space to bring stuff/people and stretch out. We’re spoiled, really. I’m so glad for cars. We can get places so quickly. No more week long journeys by wagon for us. We can drive a car, which is sometimes easier than flying. Sometimes I wish horses were still an acceptable means of transportation though. But cars are great. 🙂



I’m thankful for opportunities, risks, and chances that people have taken on me/given to me. I’m blown away by how much I’ve been entrusted with, how much people have invested into me, and how much I’ve learned the past 5 years. My life today isn’t what I thought it would be, nor is it what I would’ve wanted it to be. Yet, somehow I find myself more content than I’ve ever been.


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