Wow. After an almost 70 hour work week, I’m depleted. I thought I’d be able to recover quickly, but I’m still have a “homecoming hangover.” I’m yawny, sleepy, and slow. I need a couple days to recover.

Sometimes I think I know what I want to do when I grow up, but other times I feel scared. Like, there’s no way I will actually be able to do that. I tell myself I’m dreaming too big. But I’ve got to dream big to ever do anything, don’t I?

If I don’t dream, if I stick with the realistic, I’ll probably be working in the food industry for the rest of my life. No thank you. I’m not content to stay here. I want to move, to grow, to use my talent, skills, and knowledge. Yes, I love doing a good job. But there comes a point in time when I’m not being challenged anymore and need to move on. Next year will give me the opportunity to try something new. I’m excited to see what’s up next for me.


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