do it

With all the words and ideas thrown at us throughout the day, it becomes difficult to act.

We get so caught up in our processing, that we forget to make a choice, to do something.

We have a wealth of knowledge, but our self control, discipline, and choices have become lazy and irresponsible – sometimes nonexistent.  Excuses are made.  Selfishness takes over.  Pride overwhelms.

This has been on my conscience recently.  All my life I’ve tried to know. As much as I love that feeling, I’ve been realizing that it’s more important to do than it is to gain empty knowledge. Yes, knowledge is important – but only if it causes an action. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time. When I know too much, I want to know more, I argue more, I become arrogant, I become lazy. I’m not effective.

I’ve taken a step back from gorging myself on knowledge.  Instead of filling my head, I’ve been taking baby steps to putting action behind my present knowledge and loud-mouth.

Knowledge: “Oh, there’s starving and abused children in India. It’s so sad! Let me post a link on my Facebook and make everyone aware of the problem!”
Action: “Oh, there’s starving and abused children in India. What can I do to help!? For $28 a month I can love, feed, and educate a kid? Sign me up!”

Knowledge: “Their car broke down and they need someone to drive three hours to pick them up. That sucks. Glad it’s not us.”
Action: “Their car broke. I’m going to drive three hours to pick them up. Oh, and be sure they know they can use our car to get to work or go car shopping.”

These, in addition to other actions, have been exciting steps. Instead of just talking about what I could do, or what I want to do someday, I’ve been making time to do it.  I can’t do everything, but I can do something.

It’s begun filling my heart. A filled heart feels so much better than a filled mind.

True knowledge causes action.


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